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Thursday, 30 September 2004


Michael Hanscom

Wow congratulations to all of you!


Um. How the heck did I miss the singularly MOST IMPORTANT POST OF 2004?!!!!! Has this been here since last week? I mean, WHAT? I mean I already knew from Mrs THS but it's so uncool not to post my glee for you on the internet as well. You know what? He IS a handsome fellow. (I mean I'll know that when I see his picture so I might as well just go ahead and say it.) I just can't wait to squish his cheeks and teach him how to say "I Love Little Sweet Pea"!


Tommy Himself

Michael -- Thanks for stopping in and leaving good thoughts!

Figlet -- Yes and no. I started writing that weblog entry on Thursday morning, but fear and superstition kept me from posting it until last night. And then I pre-dated the entry. I've emailed you some photos of the world's most handsome baby boy. How you'll find him suitable to court the sweetest of peas one day.


congratulations to T himself and S herself. i was out of town at the time but I di get to see the post at a MAC store and showed it to my girlfriend and she got very girlie about it all...and i sort of got a little girlie too.

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