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Friday, 24 June 2005



I felt that way most of the week. Things have only slightly improved.

1. Expecting - The White Stripes (what exactly?)
2. The Last of the Famous International Playboys - Morrissey (should have been a Bond theme. Ok, maybe not)
3. Give it Up or Turnit a Loose - James Brown (as expected, the lyrics don't go much beyond the title, but they got the groove)
4. Embassy Row - Pavement (I caught S. Malkmus' show a couple of weeks ago - there were moments of excitement, but overall it wasn't particularly captivating. It lacked the unpredictability of a Pavement show, and didn't make up for it with any added professionalism.)
5. Intergalactic - Reuben Wilson (do they still play musak in supermarkets? As a kid I always hummed along while shopping with mom. Not too loudly though.)
6. Four Hours in Washington - M Ward (I've felt like this many nights)
7. Leif Erickson - Interpol (somehow Interpol works better on the late night ride home from work)
8. Haunted Man - Rod Picott (I was introduced to Picott by a college radio station I listen to while driving to my parents' place in Pennsylvania (91.9FM and www.wnti.org). Some of their shows are great, like “Mozart to Motorhead”.
9. The Face of the Earth - The Dismemberment Plan
10. Kaya - Bob Marley

Disappointing ending. Disappointing 10 overall.


You'll find no argument from these quarters. Doolittle still gives me chills. There is simply no better Pixies album.

the mrs.

the shuffle function was really at its best today...

floaty--foo fighters
whir--smashing pumpkins
the imploding voice--smashing pumpkins
i know you tried--luna
sleeping pill--luna
naked if i want to--cat power
the other side--galaxie 500
sunray--the jesus & mary chain
new way home--foo fighters
the big sky--kate bush

and just because i wanted to see if i got another repeat, i went to 11:
running up that hill--kate bush

shuffle my ass!

Tommy Himself



This was a great summer shuffle on MY ugly subway commute. (Note I usually only get through 4-5 songs on any one leg of my commute, oh but not yesterday!)

1. Faith Healer - Big Dipper
2. Hot Summer Nights - The Harmony Rockets (Charlie, Stephen & Randell from Scruffy!)
3. Complications - Killing Joke
4. Yes - Morphine
5. Travelin' Band - CCR
6. Bad Connection - Yazoo
7. We'll Meet Again - Byrds
8. Second Guessing - REM
9. Radio, Radio - Elvis C
10. Get It Hot - AC DC

and because it was (1)an 11 song commute,(2) sort of comical as I exited to the street and (3) and because despite our dealings with T.W.S.A. Agency, Figlet & I will soon be a family of 3...

11. Beginning to See the Light - VU

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