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Wednesday, 03 May 2006



ok, ok, is this a schmuck move on my part? I never do the weight room when I go to the gym. I go on the elliptical, the bikes, and listen to music, watch baseball. I'm not in the best shape by the way. But, early on, in my first week of going to the gym I thought I'd try the dumbbells out. And, it was seriously my first day in that area, when this big guy asked me to spot for him (I look deceptively stronger than I actually am, as an aside). And I turned beet red (because I had no idea how to spot correctly) and told him that I couldn't do that for him. No explanation because I wanted to get out of the place at that moment and sob in my shower. Was I a big jerk? It's been eating away at me. And how do you spot correctly. I've done it since, and I felt a little too attentive. My hands were hovering nervously over the bar the whole time.

by the way, PE's "Welcome to the Terrordome" is still my favorite hip-hop song of all time.


Nice job with the "We were married in a small, private ceremony near the leg extensions machine." line. It prevents me from making a wise-ass comment about the previous story. Smart thinking...this time.


SOC...don't worry about it...Tommy is TOTALLY g#y! Sure he can kick my ass and all of that...but he'll do it in a wicked gay way!

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