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Friday, 21 July 2006



1) Prowler - Iron Maiden
2) Something's Got To Give - Beastie Boys
3) You Got Me Floatin' - Hendrix, Jimi Experience
4) Kill Again - Slayer
5) 6 Underground - Sneaker Pimps
6) Kingdom Of Love - Soft Boys
7) Ramblin' Man - Hank Williams
8) American Dream - Bad Religion
9) Still Loving You - Scorpions
10) Rock Forever [live] - Judas Priest


1) "The Blues, Parts 1 & 2"--Artie Shaw (Essence of Artie Shaw). He can title a track "The Blues, Parts 1 & 2" and that says something.

2) "Epistrophy"--Thelonius Monk (Monk's Music). A more swinging tune. Not my favorite but it's "skip rate" is about 35% so it can't be all that bad.

3) "My Girl"--Otis Redding (Live performance from somewhere in the world). I assume that this live performance took place before Redding's plane crash. It's a good version (not great) of the song, the sound quality on his voice is great, the band's sound quality a little less so.

3) "Blues After Hours"--Pee Wee Crayton (Devil in A Blue Dress soundtrack). Sometimes I feel like I have three albums on this goddamned thing and they're all titles "Bluesy Smoosey." This is a great electric blues guitar instrumental, with a piano and a rythm section that sounds about ready for bed. Very simple, very relaxing.

4) "When You Were Mine"--Cyndi Lauper. My girlfriend and I argue about whose version is better. The answer is Lauper's. My GF would leave me for Prince if he asked her to but since he fits in the palm of my hand I don't have any fear of that.

5) "Kiss of Fire"--Louis Armstrong (All-Time Greatest Hits). The song runs that Mack the Knife way but is strictly an old school love song.

6) "Thirteen"--Johnny Cash (American Recordings).

7) "Picking a Bride"--David Byrne (The Last Emperor sountrack). Byrne does half the soundtrack with mostly synth versions of Chinese instrumentation. When I first got the album, many moons ago, I never listened to Byrnes parts on it. I've grown in appreciation since then. Hey Tommy...this might be a good tune for when you're in the CAGE!

8) "This Heart's On Fire"--Wolf Parade (Apologies To The Queen). As my brother Nick says...this is their best song.

9) "Dear Yoko"--John Lennon (Unplugged). Great version of this song.

10) "Under the Boardwalk" (The Drifters). Classic. Especially with the unusually hot summer we've been having out here in SF the past couple of weeks.


Correction: # 8 "This Heart's on Fire" is NOT their best song (a mix up on my part). That song would be "I'll believe in Anything"


I'm going on the record and saying that Sean O'Connel's daily 10 is one of the best I've ever seen.
Tommy-you really need to lay off the weightlifting posts. All this talk about you "climbing into cages" and "hanging in the air" has kind of an S&M bent to it. I feel icky.....


Thank you. But I must also credit the randomness of my iPod (version 3).


you started it off with Maiden's "Prowler."
Enough said.
Can't beat that


1."Australia" - The Kinks - song about Australia
2."Carry Me" - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- song about wanting to be carried
3."To The Garden" - Nick Drake- The fall as metaphor for failed relationship.
4. "Major Leagues"- Professional sports promotion as metaphor for wanting to fix failing relationship.
5. "With Every Wish" - Bruce Springsteen- song about something having to do with the working class.
6. "If I Was Young" - The Raveonettes- English is not their native language, so I forgive them the title of the song.
7. "Pin"- Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Another excuse for singer to sound like Joan Jett.
8. "River Euphrates"- The Pixies- Another excuse for Frank Black to show his brilliance.
9. "Clap Your Hands!"- Clap Your Hands Say Yeah- Explains the name of the band.
10. "Still in Love" - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Singer is still in love even though his wife cuckolded him, then killed him. If I was--strike that--if I were a masochist this would be my favorite song.

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