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Wednesday, 26 July 2006



But the stash man! The STASH!!!!

Tommy Himself

Don't let the 'stache Fu you. Sal can't hit.


"It hurts a lot, because I finally found a home," said Fasano, who was designated for assignment on Saturday. "This is where I thought I might retire. The fans have been great. I don't know what else more I could have done. I don't think I played that bad to deserve getting designated."

"There's no crying in baseball." - Jimmy Dugan


Fasano is only in NYC because he's chasing after Donkey Kong who has scurried to the top of the Empire State building with his wife clutched in his fist. Fasano was last seen rushing towards midtown with an enormous sledgehammer which he plans on using to smash the barrels that Kong will be rolling his way. Stay tuned

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