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Tuesday, 01 August 2006



What? No mention of Driven???
"Reflecting the unique personality of one of the most driven men in America,"

Tommy Himself

I've got some news for Jeter: it smells like 97 octane gasoline.

Which is nice, too.


Why isn't Mussina putting out a scent? Who wouldn't want to buy "Moose. For men."?

Tommy Himself

Pitchers don't do well with stuff like that. I remember in the 70s, when Gossage tried a scent and everyone misunderstood the ads:



I have a problem with keeping Andy P on the team and sending Guiel to AAA. Whose the lefty bat off the bench now? What role does Andy fill?

Tommy Himself

I agree with you, Nick, but I like Phillips. I think he's a good 9th inning first baseman.

I have loved Guiel since he was a ringer on my FB teams a couple years ago. Hated seeing him go.

If Torre would wise up -- Bernie could be the lefty off the bench. Then Melky, once Mastsui starts playing leftfield.

For now, thanks to Joe sticking with Bernie in the starting lineup, our lefty off the bench is -- Bubba.


But Bernie's pretty atrocious against righties. He's close to Tony Womack as a lefty hitter. I don't think he's a viable lefty bat off the bench.

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