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Monday, 29 November 2004



I'd tell you to get some good sleep but you won't . it's incredibly exciting to read about T and if anyone deserves a baby that's going to bounce around the house it's you (that's a compliment by the way).

Tommy Himself

Thanks, man; I got the compliment. I DO indeed deserve a bouncy baby. I'm pretty bouncy myself.

And no need to sweat my sleeping...I'm getting my share, believe it or not. Last night, I actually got about 10 hours. (Not IN A ROW...but ten nonetheless.)


Get those hours of sleep now because if what I understand about babies [mostly gleaned from 80s hi-jinx like "Three men and a baby"] is true [did Magnum P.I. ever lie?] you and mrs S aren't going to get much sleep, especially when you realize that you have to go home and take care of the little H instead of touring the Japanese building inspectors around your 'next big project!' Man, I love that movie! Go T & S & H [you three should incorporate].

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