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Wednesday, 01 December 2004



Congratulations and God Bless.
Fantastic news. I couldn't be happier for your family.
It's a beautiful ride....buckle that seatbelt!


Wild. 700+ jumps? Whose his trainer, Jeremy Giambi?


Did you find out how tall he is yet? Or do I have to bring my tape measure to the airport?

Tommy Himself

Tim, Walein, Figlet...thanks for checking in on me and my new family. It means a lot to S. and me. A LOT.

1) What a ride, yes!
2) I believe he spent his earliest days with the Wallendas.
3) He is 26 inches tall.


Phenomenal! You two are just absolutely perfect. My girlfriend has been asking me if my 'clock is ticking' and I told her that it was less my clock and more my exuberance for how great a set of parents Tommy and S would be...and now YOU ARE PARENTS! Awesome [in the original "awe inspiring" usage--circa 18blahblahblah]! Can't wait to hear and see and watch the jumping H. --i know he'll do tons of other stuff too...but the "scouting" word on the streets is that he's a "basketball dunker."


UPANDATTEM! It's 6:51AM over there and time for an update. Did you make it out to dinner? Did Mrs SP find anything un-meatlike to eat or did she just take a bottle of formula? 24 hours to go (for those of us who didn't get to travel with you, that is).

Tommy Himself

Funny you should ask. In fact, we found a little place a block and a half away from the Guest House, where Mrs. SP had what she described as "the best bibimbop yet! Yum!" And, for my sins, I actually had the worst meal of our stay here. The bulgogi meat was a little...questionable. Like it had carbuncles growing it on or something.

But I ate it anyway. Shame on me. (The shame came about eight hours later, when in my intestinal duress, I thought: why did I keep EATING that meat?!")

Oh, and also? We had that dinner meal at about 3:30 PM. We are SO senior citizens over here!

It's 7:27 AM. The car to the bus to the plane to the plane leaves in about an hour and a half.


CONGRATULATIONS! I am so excited for you guys. Can't wait to see pictures!


Hope the flight back went well. I'm guessing little "H" bounced a bit on T's tummy at 33,000.' I've already sold the story to "Men's Fitness."

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