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Friday, 21 January 2005



Yes, you *could* sled there. And it would be really really fun. But you seem to have forgotten exactly how UNfun it is to schlep the sled back up the hill. And that's a BIG hill. That's all I'm saying.


Just curious about a comment you posted on Julie's site:

"Wow. I liked that post much better the first time I saw it -- 24 hours earlier on fitsandstarts.blogs.com.

But, if you want to believe YOU'RE "full of good ideas," knock yaself out."

I realize that Julie had linked to the same picture as fitsandstarts did, but did you look at how Julie "doctored" up the picture?

I don't think Julie was "stealing" anything from fitsandstarts.com

Am I incorrect? Were you just commenting that fitsandstarts had made the same connection? Or were you implying Julie had pilfered the same idea.

Just curious.

Perhaps you need to look at Julie's post again and see how she made the picture different.

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