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Wednesday, 19 January 2005



Ok, I know I wasn't supposed to return to your site after not totally getting the iPod spoof. But whatever. In continuing the theme of "things Figlet doesn't get," what does GILF mean on the Grandma tee? And you didn't think the Korea: It's Got Seoul tee was funny? Wow. I'm shaking I'm laughing so hard.

Off to place my order.


"Me so Horny" with the Rhino picture on it? Cause a Rhino has a horn...but you might be thinking they were talking about being sexually horny...but it was because he has a horn...cause he's a rhino...T, it works on sooo many levels.

Tommy Himself

I love you, you freakin' sickos.

Figlet: Fear not. I've been afraid to admit that I didn't understand your comment on the "No Compromise" entry. The G in GILF is "grandmothers;" like the M in MILF is "mothers." The Korea shirt was cute, yeah. I smiled. I even giggled. But the Colleague From Across The Hall practically wet her panties! No t-shirt is THAT funny.

Walein: Oh. Yeah. That's a good one!


Oh. I had to go back and look myself to see what I said and what I meant. And then I checked with that website to see if they had a tee shirt that explained it. But they didn't.

What I meant was I was waiting for an update from you or the Mrs. on what it was like to sit in front of an audience instead of IN the audience at The Agency of Record and speak to the peeps about what it's like to have your own real live kid via adoption. Which you did ultimately answer. I wondered if you hadn't had time to update because you were still listening to the Misfits on your iPod. That's all! Really! Korea: It's Got A Lot of Seoul! Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

Tommy Himself


And now I get the joke on the t-shirt, too! Seoul! Ha!


it's by the guys who do collegehumor.com. They're making a KILLING (four guys, hundreds of thousands of dollars) off those tees. My favorite (no longer there because they got sued) has that silhouette art of Che Guevara so popular at Urban Outfitters, but underneath it says "I have no idea who this is."


I only wish they had one that said "Pray for Brad and Jen" instead of the Olsens. Cuz I'm worried about them. Like, all the time.

Or "Oprah a bank account today." Now that's wet your pants funny.

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