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Friday, 20 May 2005



The New Style - Beastie Boys
Party Line - Kinks
Psychosexual - Pop Will Eat Itself
Country Honk - Rolling Stones
Back Off Bitch - GnR
Not Enough Time - INXS
Unconditional - Bravery
Sleep - Dandy Warhols
Dead Souls - NIN
Manhunt - Karen Kamon


One Way Out - Styx. I'll be honest: I haven't decided whether I like this album or not. There are some good tracks on here (I Don't Need No Doctor pops into my head) but there is also some real crap. It ain't no Grand Illusion.
Getchoo - Weezer.
Bodies Ajust - Thunderbirds are Now! From the newest one. Amazing band all around.
Spit on a Stranger - Pavement.
Then She Appeared - XTC.
Firsts - Richard Buckner.
WhO Let the Snakes In - RFTC.
Julianne - Ben Folds.
Galapagos (3 of 3) - Kurt Vonnegut. Oops.
I Feel Fine - The Delta 72. Great underrated band on Touch and Go.

Brian- I've heard a lot about Bravery. Are they worth checking out? Are they from NYC?

Tommy Himself

Right on, Brian! Rocking the Face To Face stuff. Love that album. Good old hard-luck Kinks -- they release a near-perfect album... the same year (1966) as Blonde on Blonde, Aftermath, Pet Sounds and Revolver.

the mrs.

1. brakes on--air
2. follow the light--travis
3. anesthesia--luna (live)
4. release--pearl jam
5. salty dog--cat power
6. lean on me--beth orton
7. swamp song--blur
8. tighter & tighter--soundgarden
9. sunday morning--the velvet underground
10. spanish bombs--the clash

i remember personics, but i didn't know that's what it was called. i just remember how cool we thought we were owning certain songs and how much better it sounded than taping them off the radio.

Tommy Himself

Can you please share with the group your special "Spanish Bombs" lyrics?

the mrs.



Ben, Bravery is pretty good... if you like the current crop of Killers-type updated-80s-sound music, you'll enjoy it.
Tommy, Face to Face is amazing, especially "Party Line" and "Dandy." Whenever "Rosie..." comes on in a shuffle, I get disappointed that I just barely missed out on one of those two songs. But I can't really be disappointed by anything on that album.

hans gruber

1. marv - graeme revell and robert rodriguez (sin city ost)
2. it's my life - talk talk (the very best of talk talk)
3. cemetary polka - tom waits (rain dogs)
4. robot rock - daft punk (human after all)
5. got it sewed up - mike jones (who is mike jones? chopped and screwed)
6. funky (original 12" version) - ultramagnetic m.c.'s
7. take care of business (f/ j-zone) - danger mouse and jemini (ghetto pop life)
8. scott taylor - colonel claypools bucket of bernie's brains
9. bedlam's buff - buckethead (cuckoo clocks of hell)
10. the spark - flaming lips (the soft bulletin)

hans gruber

wow. three of my clones posted the same exact playlist as me under the same handle. amazing! guess the ipod shuffle isn't the most random occurance in the world after all...

which one am I, your probably asking? how do you know if I am the hans gruber, you know and might like.

well, you don't. but you soon will, because now that I found all three of my gentically identical brothers, we can being our surefire plan to take over all the comment boards in all the blogosphere!


till then

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