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Sunday, 15 May 2005



I think your conversation should go something like this with H: Son, one of life's tragedies is that some people weren't blessed with intelligence or good manners. That lady over there who's talking about us? She's one of the unfortunates. Let's say a prayer for her.

Of course you don't really have to say a prayer for her, but that would make it more dramatic.

Tommy Himself

Nice, Figlet! LOL.

the mrs.

i am still so angry i don't even know what to say.

the mrs.

and for the record, she said "throw" them away. not "give" them away.

it's hard to even talk about how hurtful comments like that are. but maybe in talking about it, people will know how cruel and unacceptable it is to say such things.


Figlet referred me and I suppose teaching young son choice profanity-ladened retorts would not be the wise way to approach such morons but it sure would be fun....and really life is all about the fun. I say teach some good swear words - this will also make him very popular on the playground so really it's a win - win situation.

Kudos to you for not smacking her upside the head.

Tommy Himself

Floyd... where have you been all my weblog? You're just the kind of enabler I could use around here.



Oh shit. I don't know what I would have done.

I'm sorry that happened. I know it's gonna happen to me, too, at some point--people are already spouting their ignorant assiness about what they think they know about the situation in China--and just reading this makes me nuts.

Anna H.

I think Figlet's got it right, although I'd be tempted to throw in a couple "fuckers" as well. Or perhaps you don't need the cursing after all, but could take the praying a bit further and add a little laying on of hands? Some speaking in tongues?

Anything to make assholes like that just stop talking.

So sorry you had to endure such bile.


Tommy Himself

I'm considering a smattering of "fucker" and then five minutes of ululation.

That's until H is old enough to understand, then I'll cut down on the "fucker" part. Or just mouth the word silently at my target so H can't see or hear.


So, Tommy, have you gotten the "I don't know why people adopt from THERE when there are so many needy children HERE" comment loudly spoken around you yet? I've gotten it and so has hubby. (Mine included the response, "Oh, they do it because it's cute." I'm still trying to figure out if the "it" meant my daughter or "adopting internationally.")

Figlet's approach is good.



I also agree with Figlet's advice (I followed her link).

Most likely that unfortunate hosebeast was so ignorant that nothing you said to her would have made any difference, sadly.

I'm so sorry that you had to deal with that.


T - well here's my first comment on your blog! sadly there is no sound but just fyi, these words are at eleven.

what the FUCK?!?!?!?!?!?! not sure what else to scream on this one. i cannot believe that she could be both so stupid AND so insensitive all at the same time. where do they grow these assholes?


Me again. J (my husband who only ever posts on this blog and never on mine...) says to remember that there are an awful lot of people who get their world view from Oprah. So I'd like to propose a celebrity death match between Tommy Himself and the she-beast/hose beast that is Oprah. Because I know who'd win. And I think Tommy Himself would make a better talk show host.


i am more into the instructing approach. i would have physically positioned myself to the questioning child's level and said:

"sweetie, this woman doesn't know what she is talking about. first, this is my son. he is from korea. secondly, families in places like korea and china (and right here in america) sometimes can't care for their child. the children then are adopted into new families, sometimes here in america, or in other parts of the world. their new parents love them very much are are very happy to bring their children home. sweetie, is there anything else you would like to ask, while i am still here?"

all the while thinking, 'damn this woman needs a good kick in the box.'


Since we actually have been in several situations like this, this is what I would do: I would make my husband take the baby away and THEN I would rip them a new asshole and/or explain the errors in thier information depending on how pissed off or generous I felt. None of that needs to happen in front of the baby, though. I don't think people use enough profanity when dealing with assholes like that.


woo fucking hoo! go amber go! i pick you for my team! i mean i don't really, uh, er, have a team, but i pick you anyway.

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