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Monday, 20 June 2005



Apocalypse Now


The Godfather / Einstein (no kidding)


My day just improved - I'm Easy Rider and JFK

the mrs.

i am mother teresa and mr. smith goes to washington. this really helps explain all that is wrong in our marriage. thank you Personality Tests (TM)!

Tommy Himself

Oh, stop.

That doesn't BEGIN to explain all that's wrong with our marriage.


I'm going to make J do it as well. I'm curious to see who the husband of Saddam Hussein and The Godfather is. You have no idea how depressed I am.


Saddam Hussein/Platoon...although I've often felt like I'm more of an FDR/Meatballs kinda guy.


Sunset Boulevard and Bill Clinton. I guess I'm ready for my close-up... in a sex tape.


J thinks the only thing funnier than me being Saddam Hussein is you being Hitler. How come SOC got to be Platoon? Saddam/Platoon? And Brian, I think, has the winningest combination of all.

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