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Sunday, 19 June 2005



Happy Father's Day Dear TommyHimself! Lovely post.

the mrs.

to quote h directly: "nnnngah. oooooh oooooh. ga. ga. nnnngah. da. du. mmmmm-mah. da. du."

roughly translated: "you are an amazing dad....and dude. more milk please. i love my dad."

happy father's day.

Brooklyn Mama

What a lovely post! I'm sniffling over here in Kensington. Happy belated Father's Day!


I'll be joining the 'club' before the summer comes to a close, which means that it is on you to swing by my office -- oh, say, late July. Put it on your calendar. Thanks for sharing a great post.


Finally, it isn't about Tommy.

Oh, and happy belated Father's Day.


Happy belated Father's Day.

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