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Thursday, 22 December 2005



Anti-canine?!?!? I had 5 such creatures smell me out of curiosity on the way to 7 eleven this morning!


We had the "Sensation Harness" reccomended to us. It fastens around the chest so it doesn't look like a muzzle. It's been very effective for pulling. I think I've seen them at PetSmart but we got ours through a trainer so, I'm not sure. Link here: http://www.softouchconcepts.com/products/sense_sation_harness.html

Tommy Himself

Becky, thanks for the tip. We love the Gentle Leader, but your suggestion will stop the muzzle comments. We'll definitely check it out. Thanks again.

stereomic, exactly what were those doggies curious about? and kudos on the proper spelling of 7Eleven. You knew I'd appreciate that didn't you?


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