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Friday, 16 December 2005



Well, at least they didn't cut you loose the week before Christmas or something fucked up like that.

Oh wait.

I guess it's a good thing the boss handled it with sensitivity because when you and I stormed back in there with our torches it wouldn't have been pretty.

Seriously though... and I'm sure you know this... this is a good thing. This will force you into a more energized life with more inspiring work. Not to be ignorant of the fact that you have a family and I'm sure it's a worry where the money comes from, but you're both very smart and skilled writers so it'll all work itself out for the better.

It will indeed be a happy new year.


I agree. I broke the news to Yacob and he started crying (well, you know he doesn't cry, it was more like Deneiro crying in Raging Bull). After the shock, we both said the same thing...it'll end up being the best thing that ever happened to you (just professionally of course).
Though I've moved I'll need a new email address to write you at. So, don't forget.


i'm deeply depressed about this.


you sound so positive about this, so I won't commiserate with you, but to say that I hope you find a new job that pays mad money and that you really enjoy. Give kisses to H. and enjoy the holidays. Thinking of you and S. :)


Sometimes you need to fire your company.

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