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Tuesday, 06 December 2005



But others in the building still have dogs? That's insane. You should look into what rights you have in this situation.


I'd contact a real estate attorney. At the very least I think you have MORE than a week. We had someone in our building that lived here 2.5 years without paying rent and it took that long to evict her. I know that is not the ideal scenario or even remotely close...ugh. I just hate this. 25 dogs are ok but yours is not...wtf?! My heart is breaking for you guys.

Tommy Himself


Walein, we've know that there's a code in the housing laws (NYS 27-2009) that says "Arbitrary Enforcement" is illegal. It can be perceived as a sort of "selective discrimination," but we just don't know where to begin with such a heavily litigious undertaking, nor are we confident enough to play "chicken" with the landlord, when the roof over our son's head is at risk.

There's some encouraging info here: http://www.urbanhound.com/houndLaw/ShowAnswer.asp?QID=122

and here: http://tenant.net/Court/Hcourt/current.html (the second case listed.)

girlH, do you know of a good R.E. attorney? We've been given a week to get rid of Jackson. The eviction would begin if we choose to ignore that, and I think the standard time frame is 60 days to vacate in such a case.

I really appreciate the two of you chiming in here. I wanted to hear from my friends, from strangers, from anyone who could say anything about this.





It looks like your dog may be a pure-breed. If so, you might be able to contact breed rescue groups in your area for help. You can do a search for them on-line, akc.org has some information about breed clubs, or your local rescue organization might know about some. they may not be able to take you dog right away but they might be able to give some advice and you could let your land lord know that you've taken action on their request. If you bought your dog from a breeder you can try contacting him or her and see if they would like the dog back. It's tough right now because Katrina rescuses drained a lot of resources. If you keep at it, you might be able to find an ASPCA that has a no- turn away policy. I think that the Houston and NY branches both at least had one before the hurricane. Is there any possibility that you could pay for a kennel until you can find a new permanent home?

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