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Tuesday, 24 January 2006



You should try to get in touch with someone like Penny Crone or those guys that do the "Shame On You" segments on the News on CBS. So many people have dogs and I think a story on your plight would really make your landlord look like a heartless bastard.
Bob has a a lot of contacts in the News field, you might want to reach out to him.


you could also talk to a lawyer and see if the 90 day grandfather is real or "preferred". Who knows, the legal grandfather - if there is one - might be 30 days? Would they settle for something else? A bump (slight) in rent, or an extension on the lease?

Tommy Himself

Thanks guys. I am going to talk to a lawyer to see what our options are. I especially want to know what the repercussions of losing a case like that might be.

The 90-day thing is for real. I read it firsthand from the NYC Housing Admin Codes.

A viewer's advocate on a news show is a good idea. I just wonder if there's enough time.


Might I suggest a bribe? Money talks.

Anna H.

Wish I had advice, but don't know anything about these issues. I'm just a dog-lover with two sweet pooches -- I can't imagine what this is like for you.

I am heartsick for you guys. Heartsick.


choking helen

if i could let go of helen, i'd come and choke those bastards.

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