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Monday, 23 January 2006



I basically began watching the show thru my fingers after the first "Guy session." When the folkie guy asked the Sid Vicious question I was angry and then I decided to watch a DVD.


Wow, that looks like quite the diatribe. Too bad I stopped reading because of all those annoying typos. What are you, some kind of blind, idiot drunk?


you guys watch too much tv.

the mrs.

okay, 1: mr. emcekay, there is no such thing as too much tv.

2: "Judy Greer is wasted. Let's quick get her over to Scrubs for a guest spin that could snap that show out of its somnambulance."

snap that show of its somnambulance?? what about just having her show up in some ambulance? wouldn't that be easier? you know, because it's a hospital and all?

c: the dylan thing was really stupid. as was the brandon character whose wife is 10 months pregnant and he's having drinks with the guys every night. sheesh.

choking helen

i notice office colleagues on television shows go out to drink as if attending a daily meeting in the evening. i notice too that they don't work much. i've worked for years and don't socialize with my colleagues. i tip the nice hispanic woman that comes after 6 to clean the floors and collect the garbage. i tell her not too worry about vacuming my rug but for once a week. she says thank you and tells me its cold again outside, to which i reply, "that terrible JT Leroy convinced James Frey to dupe Oprah and now Larry King's putting a whole panel together to talk about how they did it."

i couldn't watch a show called monkey love that wasn't on PBS, the nature channel, or vh1. i'm ashamed of all of you who've glimpsed anything more than the preview. i read something somewhere that cited the dylan reference as if it gave the show all the credibility it needed to represent the "music biz." i guess p diddy called in sick that day.

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