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Friday, 13 January 2006



Damn. For 3 years, I've been trying to figure out the right time and place to tell you you've got a problem. Now this guy steals my thunder after knowing you for 40 seconds. Not fair.

Tommy Himself



It was, after all, Friday the 13th...I don't know what you expected


Just got one of these "Nano" things the kids play with for Christmas. I haven't really filled it yet, so I imagine the next few times I do the top ten shuffle the artists and the songs may be very near identical.

10- "Imagine"--John Lennon alt. version.
It's on the Lennon anthology, sounded nice, a little 'spacey.' Someone was smoking the weed when he recorded this in his Dakota kitchen.

9- "Pain in my Heart"-- Otis Redding (live somewhere)
This version as most live versions of anything Otis Redding did is awesome. The pauses, the swarming horns, the stops and audience uncontrollable screams and yells and Otis' freight train voice stopping and starting again like a whisper thru the keyhole.
8--"If I Ruled The World"--NAS featuring Lauren Hill
I have an old school hip hop mix on this shuffle...it was made for someone who was writing a history of Tupac Shakur....so I put stuff on from early early (Run DMC, Curtis Bow...) and stuff from middle (Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, eric B and Rakim...) and stuff from the early and mid nineties such as this song). It never hurts to sample Curtis Mayfield and NAS reminds everyone that he wrote the lyrics on Illmatic.
7--"Sugarfoot Stomp"--Artie Shaw
I don't know his stuff as well as I shohuld, which is why this greates box set is on my Nano...turns out he was a very talented fellow.
6--"West Side Baby" T-Bone Walker
the "Dvil in a Blue Dress" soundtrack is on the shuffle and that's because there isn't a bad song to be found even near this compilation of music. This song opens the album and sets out a mood of a hard boiled time...a romaticism that led me to AA...ah the good times.
5-- "Chicken Shack Boogie" Amos Milburn
This is a boogie song and a nice pick up on a san francisco bus.
4--"You Gotta Move" Sam Cooke from Night Beat.
It was Tommy himself that reminded me of this album. He was looking for "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've seen" and asked me if I had the album, which I did. It turned out I had HAD the album and so I promptly went out and re-bought it, gave it to TH and then tookit back and haven't stopped revisiting it since.
3--"You've Really Gt a Hold on Me" Cyndi Lauper
Yes she does a version of this song. It's great, she has a great voice. It's a little sadder than the original.
2-- "Streets of NY" Kool G Rap & DJ Polo.
This may be the greatest opening song on an album ever. The album is also phenomenal and someday soon will be replayed and talked about in the pantheon.
1--"How Do YOu Sleep" Lennon
didn't know this song...Now I do. I like it.

choking helen

i go through phases of using the shuffle and it's generally a mixed blessing with me having to fast forward to songs i genuinely want to hear at whatever moment i'm in. anyway, given the zen excercise at hand, i will not skip and will present what comes up at random...

1. Hands Around My Throat - Death in Vegas
i saw them once on that jools holland show and thought the song was remarkable - i don't know which it was. this one is ok, but i prefer The Killing Inside with hope sandoval.

2. Chain Gang - Sam Cooke (One Night Stand)
if you haven't heard his live recordings...

3. 100.9 - iTrip
i much prefer this to 89.9 which comes up frequently, just ahead of 91.3 and 105.1, the productions of which i find tinny. i like 100.9 for its robust beep and chirp. it's a real palette cleanser.

4. Oh, Siser (live) - Dylan at Budokan
great song, inferior performance to that which appears on the Rolling Thunder Revue.

5. Breathe (live) - Pink Floyd
decent audience bootleg from the dark side tour. i ripped it from a friend.

6. Ain't It A Shame (Demo) - Nirvana
i ripped that nirvana box set from a friend and still haven't taken the time to edit it. needless to say shit from it pops up often. now, i like cobain, but it seems clear to me from this document that courtney love wrote all their best songs.

7. Let's Go Get Stoned (Live) - Joe Cocker
from the third seminal album by mister cockair and perhaps the greatest testament to joe's supreme vocal abilities. this tops even mister foxx's version. you heard me!

8. damn... my battery just

choking helen

regarding the weight room story, my bet is that he noticed your hard-on.

Tommy Himself

I don't know who you are, Choking Helen, but come back often!

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