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Monday, 06 February 2006


Brooklyn Mama

I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this shit. And I'm glad to know you have a good option for Jackson if . . . if you must.


Yeah, this is a terrible situation. When we moved to Brooklyn in 2004 from North Carolina, our landlord also forced us to give up our beagle that I adopted when a friend found her wandering in the middle of what was essentially a highway.

The funny part was that The Wife, when we moved in together, was not a dog person at all, and when we had to give her away she was the one bawling.

We found a great group of guys in Park Slope who take very good care of her, and surprisingly, still keep in touch with us with updates.

Good luck, however the situation turns out.

Anna H.

Hope you guys are well and it all worked out with the landlords -- any news yet?

Thinking of you three and your sweet pooch.

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