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Monday, 20 February 2006



oh, god...I am so sorry. there are no words because I do know how you are feeling. and that potential adoptive dog family sucks ass. I hate them for making promises they can't keep. sending good juju and hoping sweet Jackson finds a very good home very very soon.


Man, this really hurts me, and I only spend a handful of hours with Jackson... so I can't even imagine how you're handling it. Please know that I'm hoping with all of my heart that he finds a family who will care for him as much, if not more, than you did... but even if it's a fraction as much as you did, given how much you loved him, that will be more than enough.
Best to the family...


uuuh, man i can't beleive your landlord can be such a heartless bastard. karma will come back and bite that guy big time, hopefully the karma will be one big giant f'ing dog. thinking about you, S, and H- good luck.


You left out the address of the family that jerked you around. Not that they'd be worthy of having Jackson, obviously.

So sorry to hear the news. I'm sending out an e-mail to everyone I can with a pic. He'll find a new wonderful home!! Sorry it can't be yours any longer. A total kick in the teeth.

Nothing else to say. Sorry.


This is just the worst news. I was really hoping that your landlord would have some sort of epiphany.

Fuck fuck fuck. I'm so sorry.


This is so horrible, I'm so sorry. God, I'm sorry.

Brooklyn Mama

Aw, shit. I'm so sorry.


Man, that sucks. I'm gonna forward this to my friend who likes beagles....

Tommy Himself

Thank you, all of you. Thanks for all the kind thoughts, and for sharing some of the anger with us.

Anna H.

Oh, Tommy and S and H -- I'm so sorry.

Crying on the west coast for you guys and Jackson.

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