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Tuesday, 21 February 2006



Are you suggesting that the "2004 Water Rate Utility Compensation Survey" is bad? I think you have it confused with the "2003 Water Rate Utility Compensation Survey." Now THAT book was a disappointment. But I actually enjoyed the "2004 WRUCS." Like the part when they compared the salary levels of coastal states to land-locked ones... highly entertaining.
Please tell me you merely made a typo.

Tommy Himself

"2K4 WRUCS" wasn't worth the $375 cover price. I'd have liked it more if it were less than a hundred bucks.


the book on armed forces is supposed to be the real winner.


Did he pepper his book with old seafaring language? I like the Decemberists but sometimes the lyrics are too anachronistic like an annoying historical novel.

Wallie's told me the ipod 10 shuffle is fun; here's what I heard on my walk to a job interview this beautiful day in San Francisco:

1. Luna- Into the Fold-almost a cliche of a Luna song.
2. Smashing Pupkins-Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. I don't care what anyone says, it's a pretty song, and they were a good group (at times).
3. The Misfits-Attitude-Did not expect that.
4. The Strokes-Reptilia-I like The Strokes so I guess I'm a poseur. Trick question: Are they condidered phonies because they make good songs?
5. Bob Dylan-Let me Die in my Footsteps-My morning moment of gravitas.
6. Magnetic Fields-Bitter Tears-Best...Group...Ever.
7.Husker Du: Standing by the Sea-Husker Du's before my time, and I'm not familiar with their work; I downloaded Zen Arcade from a friend and like it. The sea sounds on this song are a bit dramatic for my taste.
8. The Modern Lovers-Government Center-Only way to deal with Boston is to walk through it with this album on.
9. Nada Surf-Blonde on Blonde-pretty song
10. The Kinks-Mr. Churchill Says-Love the group but this song is a bit too British and a bit too concepty.

I did it! It IS fun.


Sorry Tommy, I thought I told him it was fridays Top Ten.

Tommy Himself


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