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Friday, 10 March 2006



I remember the Waits performance too.


They had TVs back then?


yes, but only 1 tv to every 100 homes. MAN it was hard getting control.


it's Friday in San Francisco! Before I tell you of the highs and (only) lows, what's the deal with Chin Music? Do you need me to draft your team for you. I will. I'm that generous.

And now the 10 songs:
1. Stalker Song-Danzig from Danzig IV
Danzig trying to be creepy just isn't convincing, is it? His interpretation of Sting's Every Breath You Take is not as faithful to the original as Puff Daddy's.
2. I'm gonna kill that woman-Nick Cave-
two songs in and I'm starting to understand why I have a difficult time relating to people.
3. Watching Alice-Nick Cave-Tender Pray
Nice song by Nick. Again, there have been 3 songs already and the singers are basically physical dopplegangers. Except, Danzig is like a squashed version of a Nick Cave who works out on the regular with Barry Bonds.
4. Down By The Water- PJ Harvey- To Bring You My Love.
wattacoincidink! I like this album the most as well. So, maybe I'm naive about the intelligence of my i-Pod, but PJ slept with Nick Cave who is Danzig without the platform shoes and lengthened out and slim, and every song so far has been basically about killing by pale dark-haired whack jobs. So, does the I-POD pick up on a theme and present it to you.
5. Track 8 (no title for some reason)-Death Cab for Cutie-transatlanticism
god I hate this group. I uploaded a lot of my friend's shit and got a bunch of the Death Cab for sensitive liberal arts students. All their songs are pretty and boring and i feel they don't take any chances. It's like they have NASA scientists working overtime to create a perfect sound that will finally at long last describe perfectly what the words "indie rock" mean.
6. Magic-The Cars-Just What I Needed (disc 2)-The Cars are great.
7. Technical Difficulties-Dr. Octagon- Dr. Octagonecologyst
I think he starts the song with the line "Chubacka's not here..." and that's all you need to know.
8. The Letter- PJ Harvey- Uh Huh Her
Actually, I like this album some too.
9. Strung Out Again- Elliot Smith- From a Basement...
Apparently he was depressed.
10. Heart and Soul- Joy Division- Heart and Soul (disc 2)
Now that's crazy. The I-Pod is up to some weird shit here. Two suicides end the ten. I believe if you minus out Ric Ocasek, the combined seritonin levels of all the artists would add up to the level of one mildly depressed teenager.

What a bummer.

Tommy Himself

In the future, Nick, maybe you limit yourself to a Friday 3.

Unless we can convince you to go back on your meds.


Lo and behold:
1) London Calling-The Clash
The perfect opening to any day, let
alone a Friday

2) Jackie Blue-The Ozark Music Explosion
From the Time-Life 70's Music Explosion I bought for my wife for Christmas. Anything from this TEN disc comp is pleasant listening, and although i was in single digits in the 70's, i was alive..AND THIS MUSIC MAKES ME FEEL ALIVE!!!!!

3) Close to Me-The Cure-Tranquil, simple segue

4) Beginning to See the Light-Velvet Underground
Maybe Lou is singing to "Jackie Blue"

5) Dreams-Fleetwood Mac-is it so wrong to be drawn to the sultry tone of Stevie Nicks?

6) Mother Nature's Son-The Beatles
Paul can suck it, but he used to write beautifully

7) Stay Another Season-The Avalanches
It samples Madonna's "Holiday" and it grooves...I forgot about this album, it's a real interesting musical journey, and claims to have over 600 or so samples...i reccommend a preview.

8) A House is Not a Home-The Charlatans
Probably my second favorite band of all time (that is proper band). This tune is classic Dylan meets Stones.

9) Little Willy - Sweet
Also from the 70's Music Explosion...tre catchy

10) Into the Great Wide Open-Tom Petty
You know, the Johnny Depp video

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