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Wednesday, 10 May 2006



Hey, it's now officially time for our Bench Press contest. I have to do it tomorrow. And, hey, lets throw a squats competition in there too. What the hell!
If we don't do it this week, then I will consider it my victory. As per my normal policy, no rematches. Ever.

Tommy Himself

Sounds good. Tomorrow's my first day back to the gym, and it was supposed to be back/shoulders. But I could squeeze in BP and squats.

Let's go light, though, because I've been hurt. Want to start squatting at 375#? And bench at 245#? We can add on from there.

Doctor Jones? Where'd you go? Hello?


Oh, sorry. I'm down here, holding your hernia nuts up so you can move around in a normal fashion...

Tommy Himself

It must be your proudest moment.


Guys, I can't tell if this gay or not? Will you be wearing cowboy hats during this contest?

the mrs.

soc, not cowboy hats so much as bandanas.

it's kind of funny that "doctor" jones has no real medical advice to offer.

Tommy Himself

SOC & MRS: No cowboy hats or bandanas. We don't want anything to distract people from seeing the results of our previous competition: The Freddie Mercury Mustache-Growing Contest.


Yes! Finally a nice little comment chain going on here at TSP!
I am a doctor of letters, Mrs...And were my comments gay? I did write them in a pair of well-worn spandex shorts and tank top cut off...
The Proudest Doctor in Town

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