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Friday, 12 May 2006




(I'll have my 10 up a bit later...if I get the chance)


And a fine Eels entry it is!

Sorry no F10 from me again... just got started loading my new ipod with music, but it's not road-ready yet.

Also sorry you don't like "Mother Mary." I was gonna go with "Things the Grandchildren Should Know," but it's 2 minutes longer and I didn't think I could waste the space.


"Blues After Hours"--Pee Wee Crayton (Devil in A Blue Dress Soundtrack):
The Blue Dress soundtrack is my favorite and appears on my shuffle so frequently that I must constantly check to make sure I haven't erased the other songs off my ipod--and I mean so frequently that I obssesively, compulsively, have to check to make sure...three times while walking down two blocks...

"I was made to Love her"--Stevie Wonder:
I didn't have too much Stevie Wonder growing up, in my personal collection. My girlfriend makes sure to put one Stevie song on any mix that she plays for me or hands my way. This song is tremendous.

"(Just Like) Starting Over"--John Lennon Anthology:
This is the "take 3" according to john on the beginning and was most likely recorded on a 4 track in the Dakota. Fueled by a coke hangover and more than likely alot of weed, what makes this a nice little version is the hokey bossabova, late 70s/early 80 casio keyboard synth background. Even though the music is like something out of a bad Horatio Sands skit you can hear in his voice and phrasing how fucking good he is at making a tune.

"I Can't Go On Without You"--Bull Moose Jackson (Devil in a Blue Dress soundtrack). One of those songs that just makes you wish you could go get drunk at a speakeasy and listen to a crooner and smoke a cigarette indoors infront of people.

"When It's Sleepy Time Down South"--Louis Armstrong:
Don't know it too well...but I just loaded up alot more Armstrong and this song is a new favorite.

"Mean To Me"--Billie Holiday:
One of the things I find so great about Holiday songs is that they are 2-2:30 long and the first 1-1:30 is intrumental introduction. She then comes in and like a punk music group, sings a few lines that end with the title of the song. She also could kick Rotten's ass.

"These Arms of Mine"--Otis Reddding (live somewhere in the world):
I got this off a bit torrent music site that Tommy himself pulled my coat to.

"Assassinat (take 2) Julien Dans l'Ascenseur"--Miles Davis (soundtrack to "Ascenseur pour l'échafaud" or "Elevator to the Gallows" (1958)--Dir. Louis Malle):
That's right...getting all new wave on your ass! [old skool style new wave]. This is a very short track and since I haven't seen the movie I can only imagine that these 2 minutes of music take place during the period of the film between the second and first floor, on the way down to the gallows.

"Chained"--Pixies (Live 6/12/89...somewhere):
Another from the TH bit torrent site. It's been years since I've really cared about where live performances come from unless I know of a story. With the Pixies, I came late to the game and never knew any stories. Kim says "Thanks alot" at the end of this song, during the clapping and the hooting...and she sounds like someone I would have fallen in love with if I were at that show in 1989.

"Goodbye"--Johnny Hartman
People don't sing this way anymore. It's been sunny out here in SF and Hartman is one of those btter to listen to in less light crooners...but for some reason this song hit just right today.


late but here it is:

1. Reoccuring Dreams-Husker Du
2. Wanted Man-Nick Cave
3. Neverevereverdid- Architecture In Helskinki
4. There's a Ghost in My house- The Fall
5. Oh The Guilt- Nirvana
6. A Summer wasting- Belle and Sebastian
7. So Much Beauty in Dirt- Modest Mouse
8. Dear Justice Letter- Fugazi
9. From Point A to Point B- Modest Mouse
10. A.S.A. To Accuracy To KaitO

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