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Friday, 07 July 2006



1. Mr. Churchill Says- The Kinks.
2. Baby Britain-Elliot Smith- Keeping up with the British theme
3. Orange Blossom Special- Johnny Cash-Never heard of this guy.
4. I Would Hurt a Fly- Built to Spill
5. Another Love Song- Queens of The Stone Age.
6. Know Your Rights- Pearl Jam
7. Evergreen- Fiery Furnaces
8. Think of Me-Madonna
9. Fire in Cairo- The Cure
10. Old College Try- The Mountain Goats

I get your point about the Decemberists lead singer, still, I do like a few of their songs a lot.You have to be in a certain PhD student mind-set though, and maybe that means the music ultimately sucks.


PYT--Michael Jackson (Thriller)
When Michael was great and I was just the right age to get a date with him (if only I'd known!)

"Quinn The Eskimo"--Bob Dylan (not sure)
This is some kind of live performance and I do not know when or where. I'm not the Dylan head some of my close friends are. This song is a fun one.

"Ruby, My Dear"--Thelonious Monk (Monk's Music)
I played piano for many years and Monk is one of the only Jazz folks I always enjoy listening to.

"Girl from the north country"--Bob Dylan w/ Johnny Cash
This is one of those tunes Dylan sings with the crazy Dylan the Frog voice. Then Johnny Cash sings with the real Cash the Frog voice.

"West Side Baby"--T-Bone Walker (Devil in A Blue Dress soundtrack)

"Working Class Hero"--John Lennon (Anthology)
It's something to be...I guess...it's probably better to own an entire floor in the Dakota.

"Maggie Mae"--John Lennon (Anthology)
Entirely accoustic, recorded on what sounds like a four track...in the bathroom...but a very nice bathroom.

"I'll Get By (As long as I have you)"--Billie Holiday

"I Get Ideas"--Louis Armstrong (All-Time Greatest Hits)
Nice long intro, Louis Armstrong singing, then a horn solo.

"Ferdinando"--Buddy De Franco (Mr. Clarinet)
Girlfriend used to play the clarinet...so she had this album and now it's on my IPod. Haven't found the song I really get yet. Guy can play the clarinet though, that's for sure.


Love "Harold & Maude." Did you watch the HBO doc about Hollywood blockbusters and bombs? George Clooney raves about that movie, then says if they made it today, they'd probably cast him as Harold and put Julia Roberts in old-woman make-up to play Maude. Kinda creepy to think about.
1) "Another One Bites the Dust" - Queen
2) "Highway Chile" - Jimi Hendrix
3) "First Wave Intact" - Secret Machines
4) "Sea Diver" - Mott the Hoople"
5) "Up On Cripple Creek" (alt. take) - The Band
6) "The Freest Man" - Tilly & the Wall
7) "Memories" - Public Image, Ltd.
8) "I Do Not Want This" - Nine Inch Nails
9) "Stir It Up" - Patti LaBelle
10) "Cabin Essense" - Brian Wilson

Tommy Himself

Nickels: I can see the appeal of PhD music. I can also see the appeal of jumping onstage at a Decemberists show and beating that lead singer to death with Lemmy's gym bag.

Walein: Monk's Music -- great album. But the album cover -- bad-ass or just bad?

Brian: Which version of "Highway Chile" was that, from which album? I like the mono mix from the Singles Collection. The shuffle at the beginning sounds different and it's got a slightly longer fade at the end. I once saw a band called the Lucky Devils play it live. They also played "Paint It Black," I think. Not too bad, actually, in a Rocket From The Crypt meets the Dino Martinis kind of way.


I'm really not a big Hendrix fan (does that ban me from this site?)... I mean like him alright, but just that much... so the only CD I have from him is a greatest hits called "The Ultimate Experience" that I bought used. According to the liner notes, it's the version from "War Heroes"... I assume that means it's the original "Wind Cries Mary" b-side.


I think Thelonious Monk is always free of most critiques because he was crazy. The handscripted writing on the album is brilliant, the photo concept not so much.
I don't know what was happening during the late fifties in album art to know if the cover was avant-guard or standard Jazz/blues art...or bat shit crazy!

Tommy Himself

Walein: I've always loved the Pete Turner stuff for the Impulse! label. (But I guess that was the 60s.) The artwork and photos are so impeccable that there are books devoted to their tribute. Plus many great websites. Here's a start: http://www.vervemusicgroup.com/history.aspx?lid=2
Who knows what was going on at Riverside in the 50s. All I know is that is one strange Monk photo.

Bri: Yeah, that's the b-side, the one I like. I don't know if yours is the mono mix, though.

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