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Friday, 28 July 2006



Going To California - Led Zeppelin, BBC Sessions. Um, there is no better band. Discussion ends, thanks.
Two Bass Hit - Squarepusher. Great, weird often indecipherable music. Virtuoso programmger/bass player with a very strange sense of humor.
Mr. Pharmacist - The Fall. This band has always and continues to scare the shit out of me.
Beef Baloney - Fear. Why can't we have more band like this?
Spent - Filter. I am unclear on my opinion of this band. I like a lot of their music but some of it could use a "delete" button.
Voodoo Chile - Jimi Hendrix. Is God.
Trem Two - Mission of Burma. My friend E (of amsterdam) pointed out that this band should have been an english band. I think he is right. Tommy Himself, when do we go see them again?
Shakin' - The Blasters. Why can't we have more bands like THIS?!
Her Furious Angels - Chris Whitley. From his last release. He is a genius whose music will slowly gain recognition among the music intelligensia (gag reflex here)for the next 20 years. He is the guy everybody will claim they were "into" way before everyone else. Saw him once, I was lucky to (I guess I am the first to make the claim - gag).
Storytime (In The Street of Spies) - Channels. Channels is J. Robbins new band with his wife and Darren the drummer. I am only aware of one available recording, but it is worth finding. Aside from the Jawbox / D.C. / Dischord pedigree, these are interesting, thoughtful songs worth many spins. Oh and they are supposed to KILL live.

Tommy Himself


From Wikipedia: "Squarepusher holds the belief that the machines used to make music hold just as much influence on the users as the users do themselves, and that humans do not control these machines independently; we hold the same mutual creative capacity as they."


I believe that wikipedia will begin the "humans vs. machines" world war that is so well documented in the Terminator movies.


1. Karma Stew – The Circle Jerks
2. Hung In A Bad Place – Oasis
3. Tuck N Dar – Sonic Youth
4. These Important Years – Hüsker Dü
5. Green Hell – Misfits
6. Electioneering – Radiohead
7. Die, Die My Darling – Misfits
8. The Ledge – The Replacements
9. Ventilator Blues – The Rolling Stones
10. The Viper [live] – Judas Priest

2 Circle Jerk songs from 2 Sticking Point posts is just 2 awesome.

Tommy Himself

See? SO'C's iPod understands the magic of the CJ's Wonderfül LP. Lightweights beware!

Not a mediocre song in the bunch!


I thought Huey Lewis & the News were the ultimate bar band...


1) "The Chant"--(Essense of Artie Shaw)
This tune comes up a few times in the films of Woody Allen. Usually as some kind of semi-thrilling backing to a montage of action towards the end of a film. It's a great tune.
2) "I cover the Waterfront (Billie Holiday--Live)

3) "End Credits" (Elmer Bertein 'Devil in a Blue Dress')

4) "Sleeping In"--The Postal Service
This will be the last time you see Postal Service on the IPod for me. I forgot I hadn't erased them.

5) "Ascenseur (Evasion De Julien)"--Miles Davis

6) "Forever Young"--Dylan
Great tune.

7) "Hey"--Pixies (live somewhere 6-12-89). I wish I could have seen them live the first times around. Especially for a song like this. It reminds of songs by Otis Redding and Sam Cooke that depend on the tension of quiet moments where in a live situation the audience fills in with energy.

8) "One Night of Sin" (Elvis Presley--Original Sun Recording)
He liked the young girls now didn't he?

9) "Complete Control" (The Clash--The Singles)

10) "Dirty Diana"--Michael Jackson (Bad)
This song is ridiculous good. For all their posturing, Justin Timberlake and Usher etc , have yet to achieve what MJ accomlished with this song. The guy doesn't even like women and this song is so twisted and believable.



1-Holy Mountains"-System Of A Down

2-"God Has No Mistakes"-Loretta Lynn

3-"Diamonds From Sierra Leone"-Kanye West

4-"Brandy" (You're A Fine Girl)-Looking Glass

5-"Rye Whiskey"-Nick Cave

6-"Ron's Got The Cocaine"-Supersuckers

7-"Surrender"-Cheap Trick

8-"Complete Control"-The Clash

9-"Cloud Over Branson"-Rocket From The Crypt

10-"Drenched In Blood"-Turbonegro

Tommy Himself

"Complete Control," twice? Is that a TSP first?

Timely, too, as I'm reading the Pat Gilbert book about the Clash, and closed it last night at the point where Mark Laff visits Joe and Mick at Mick's "Gran's flat," and the two disappear upstairs and write "Complete Control."

In my opinion, it's their first sophisticated song. One of my favorites. (And you don't need me to tell you that it's) About CBS Records releasing "Remote Control" as a single without the band's knowledge or blessing.

Tim: Would I like Turbonegro?


Congrats, Tommy.

Tommy Himself

Cheers, Nick, thanks!


1. Shake Your Hips- Rolling Stones
2. The Night You Can't Remember-Magnetic Fields
3. All Tomorrow's Parties- Velvet Underground
4. So Run Down- Psychadelic Furs
5. Alcohol- The Kinks
6. Trade Off- Palomar
7. Some of them are old- Brian Eno
8. The Way You Say Good-Night- Magnetic Fields
9. Regular John- Queens of The Stone Age
10. Combination Lock- Fugazi


My fave Turbonegro tune: City of Satan



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