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Friday, 11 August 2006



1-"Danko/Manuel"-Drive By Truckers

2-"These Dreams Of You"-Van Morrison

3-"Time"-Tom Waits

4-"On The Run"-Pink Floyd

5-"Moonage Daydream"-David Bowie

6-"I Love Trash"-Oscar The Grouch (Kids song somehow on my ipod)

7-"Ghost Riders In The Sky"-Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson

8-"Little Wing"-Derek And The Dominoes

9-"Los Angeles Is Burning"-Bad Religion

10-"An Ending" (Ascent)-Brian Eno


I think Oliver Stone is a good director. I'm guessing the film is also relatively good. The press campaign, on tv, with the phrase "defining moment of a generation" whil Coldplay's first single off of their last album is a little tough to take for me and makes me want to hate the movie.

1) Sail to the Moon--Radiohead (live Oct. 27, 2003)

2) The Flames Beyond the Cold--Mono (You Are There).
Yacub put me onto this. I think one of his crazy book designers put it on him. From what I understand (and that is very little) they're a Japanese crew. The music is all instrumental, very soundscapey, movie landscape. This tune is 12+ minutes long and builds very well. Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois would poo their pants.

3) Everybody Must Get Stoned--Bob Dylan and the Band (Basement Tapes)

4) Smooth Criminal--Michael Jackson (Bad)
This is Tim above's favorite song of all time.

5) Criminal Minded--Boogie Down Productions (Criminal Minded)
As many of the older school hip hop music, they came at a time in my early years where revelatory experiences were plentiful.

6) Teardrop--Massive Attack
Didn't realize this had gotten onto my ipod.

7) Gigantic--Pixies (live 6/12/89)
Great song. Really great live tune.

8) I Won't Back Down--Johnny Cash (American III-Solitary Man)
This is the best of the American series for me. This version of the Tom Petty song gave me a little bit of a deeper respect for Mr. Petty.

9) I Bleed--Pixies (live)
This is actually the worst song on this live set. The vocals are so out of tune that Kim says it at the end, and they also seem to wind the song up in a "let's be done with this" vibe.

10) Lucky--Radiohead (live 11/27/03)
Great song.

Tommy Himself

Tim: Yeah, "somehow."
Eno's Apollo is number 1 on my countdown of albums I am genetically designed to hate -- but don't. I dig that. And "An Ending" was used in... the movie Traffic, which sort of brings this F10 full circle.


Waiting for a Dream- Rufus Wainwright

Pretty (Ugly Before)- Elliot Smith- You know what? I have way too much Elliot Smith on my ipod. I'm tired of him already.

Doctor Worm- They Might Be Giants

I Put A SPell on You- CCR

Jesus The Mexican Boy- Iron and Wine

Moana March- R. Crumb and His Cheap Suit Serenaders

Understand Your Man- Johnny Cash

Damaged Goods- Gang of Four

I Remember Nothing- Joy Division

Golden Years- David Bowie

Tommy, I just offered you a trade. Answer me ASAP!


Sorry no ten from me, just this message:
Western infidels in prisons and Subermaks I turned 10 this Friday. I must say that Remarkable! Praise God! Blaise Tommy himself.

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