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Friday, 03 November 2006



10-"This Is The Sea"-The Waterboys

9-"You Fucking Love It"-Waterloo

8-"Spanish Bombs"-the Clash

7-"Please Stay"-Warren Zevon

6-"How Come"-Ray Lamontagne

5-"Are You Down With It?"-Handsome Boy Modeling School

4-"Nickels and Dimes"-Social Distortion

3-"Creepy Jackalope Eye"-Supersuckers

2-"Welcome To Jamrock"-Damien Marley

1-"Dancing Barefoot"-Patti Smith


1. Dreaming – Blondie
2. Demonomania – The Misfits
3. Promises – Buzzcocks
4. All Dead, All Dead – Queen
5. Bus Stop – Hollies
6. Freak Magnet – L7
7. Milkshake ‘N Honey – Sleater-Kinney
8. Kill Your Sons – Lou Reed
9. Lovely Day – Pixies
10. London Dungeon – The Misfits



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