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Friday, 01 December 2006



1.Sinner – Judas Priest
2.Pretty Vacant – Sex Pistols
3.Sympathy – Sleater Kinney
4.Dogs Of L.A. – Liz Phair
5.And The Same – Fugazi
6.Straighthate – Sepultura
7.Color Me Impressed – The Replacements
8.Wonderful – Circle Jerks
9.Angel Of Death – Hank Williams
10.A Child And His Lawnmower – Dead Kennedys

Tommy Himself

Sleater-Kinney's "Sympathy" is the dark horse track that puts your F10 over the line. GREAT great song.

You win this one, SO'C.


Did Mr. Cave's letter teach you nothing? There's no winner or loser in the F10.

Also, nice venue to pick a fight.

Tommy Himself

LOL. It'd have been a disturbance of the pax, indeed.


I'd like it a lot if you actually did submit that to the NY Times.

Greatest Minneapolis-based groups and no mention of Prince and the Revolution? For shame!


Seriously crying with laughter from this entry!

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