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Thursday, 18 January 2007



I think you need to get black marker and write "fuck off" on a big cardboard box and then prop it up like a french divider between you and the public at your gym.

Tommy Himself



Step 2:

Moat of acid.


I am still shaking my head, like - no way. No. Way.
Who does that? In my imagination - the only time stuff like that ever happens is when the person being a complete and utter asshat at least has the grace to be in the most freaking amazing shape that anyone could ever imagine being in.
Oh wait. All the people I know who are in tremendous shape physically know how freaking hard that is, the variation to be found within be fit and are pretty fucking nice people. So nice that when I drag my sorry self to the weight room - those are always the people who are the kindest and are willing to show out-of-shape, chubby me how to work a piece of equipment I am staring at like it is the equation to the first rule of thermodynamics.
I would have been speechless too. But I do like Walein's idea of the cardboard box divider for next time.

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