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Friday, 17 August 2007


the mrs.

this is the first time i didn't actually hate my ipod for the songs it chose for me.

1. rag & bone - the white stripes
2. modern romance - yeah yeah yeahs (plus a hidden bonus track, which i normally find annoyingly self-indulgent, but not this time)
3. there she goes again - the velvet underground
4. not even jail - interpol
5. noah's ark - coco rosie
6. everlong - foo fighters
7. temptation tide - sebadoh
8. long distance call - david gray (the only song i was indifferent about today)
9. operators manual - the buzzcocks
10. when will you come home - galaxie 500


I think element's are made out of rubber or something...so you can't dent them...like a NYC bus.

1) Dirty Diana--Michael Jackson (Bad). I really liked Michael Jackson and a girl I had a huge crush on in 7-8th grade (Ayana) was super into this song...and so even though it featured Billy Idol's crazy-Bowie-Labyrinth-haired guitarist, which weirded me out, I learned to accept how super good this song really was. Remember, Michael STILL does sing better than most.

2) Memory of a Free Festival--Bowie (Bowie at the Beep). Oh hallucinogens.

3) Move the Crowd--Eric B & Rakim. Not one of their better songs but still a classic.

4) Crepuscule with Nellie (Take 6)--Thelonius Monk. It means "Twilight" in Middle English.

5) Big Girl--Ghostface Killa (Fishscale). This may be the single most hilarious song in the last 15 years. The "breakdown" section where he says: "I'm like a father figure and all that shit..." is dry wit unparalleled.

6) Waiting For My Real Life To Begin--Colin Hay (Going Somewhere). No, I haven't seen 'Garden State' and yes, I've heard.

7) Never Been to Spain--Elvis Presley (dont know). This is some kind of live performance where Elvis is probably moving into the fat Elvis phase. Full orchestra, full choir, crazy breathiness that's starting to sound less "sexy" and more "sweaty/wheezy."

8) unfinished symphony--Massive Attack. I've always felt that Moby basically took Massive Attacks' music and updated their vocal tracks by sampling really really old blue voices.

9) Black Republican--Nas, ft. Jay Z (Hip Hop is Dead). The album is overwrought, like most Nas projects these days. This song has the tune from Godfather 2 playing throughout it. So that's something.

10) Can't Forget--Pixies. A pretty nice beginning or ending to a ten. That worked out well!

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