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Tuesday, 14 August 2007



If you haven't you should read the first two in the triology by Robertson Davies. World of Wonders is the third. They all stand alone...but Fifth Business and The Manticore are great in their own right and really add to the full enjoyment of the third.
Just saying.
Also, you might really dig "What's Bred In the Bone." Besides being a title I think you'll appreciate it's the start of another really good trilogy by Davies...told by Ghosts!

Tommy Himself

Walein -- you're on the money, friend. I've read Fifth Business, Manticore (loved this), What's Bred..., and Rebel Angels. And I have a non-fiction collection of his called The Merry Heart: Reflections on Reading Writing, and the World of Books. All great stuff.

Anyone who likes John Irving (especially A Prayer for Owen Meany) would go apeshit for the work of R.D.

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