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Thursday, 25 October 2007





Nooooo!!!!! Say it ain't so, Joe...

Thanks for the memories and the many great posts.

And no final F10? Then I'll have to do it myself:
1) My Generation - The Who
2) Turn It Up - Blur
3) The Tears of a Clown - Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
4) Blame Canada - South Park movie
5) Your Lucky Day in Hell - Eels
6) Friday Night - Dennis Wilson
7) Stay Together for the Kids - blink 182
8) Dressed in Smoke - Deadboy & the Elephantmen
9) The View - Modest Mouse
10) We Will Fall - The Stooges


But we're seeing Danzig tomorrow! He's performing in a sling because he fell off the stage a few nights ago. There's gotta be some kind of good tale to tell after that.(sniff)


Friday 10:

1) Memories
2) Cry Me A River
3) Cat in the Cradle
4) It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday
5) Crying
6) Love Hurts
7) Everybody Hurts
8) The Needle and The Damage Done
9) This Used To Be My Playground
10) My Heart Will Go On.


I will still come to this page every Friday. Just like Ben went to pick up Matt every day for work and then he went to see about a girl...is this about a girl?


Encore chant:

tommy, tommy, tommy, tommy, tommy, tommy, tommy, tommy, tommy, tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, TOMMY, TOMMY, TOMMY, TOMMY, TOMMY, TOMMY, TOMMY, TOMMY, TOMMY, TOMMY, TOMMY, TOMMY, TOMMY, TOMMY, TOMMY, TOMMY, TOMMY, TOMMY


and so, a poem...


What would you do if I bludgeoned your skull?
Would we still be the dearest of friends?
Or cut out your tongue with a blade that was dull
Would then our relationship end?
What if I made your face horribly scarred
Or poured sulfuric acid on you?
If I caused your flesh to be blackened and charred
Would a simple apology do?
Or let's say I severed your spine with a saw
Or drove a truck over your knees?
Could your conscience permit you to call in the law
If I asked you not to and said "please"?
What if I had anal sex with your mother
Then later conveyed my regret?
Would we remain such good pals with each other?
Could you forgive and forget?
And do you suppose if I blow-torched your cat
Or buried your family alive
You could ever laugh off behavior like that?
Could our beautiful friendship survive?
If I blew up your car, doused your wife with hot tar
Or spread lies about you and young men
Do you think it would alter the way that we are?
Could we ever be buddies again?
I wonder sometimes in my insecure mind are we really as tight as can be?
If I ever upset you I hop I will find
That we're friends unconditionally.

by Heath Mensher


I can't believe you're opting out, and you did it before the World Series ended. Classless!


What horseshit. Don't I get consulted on such a bold move???

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