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Friday, 04 July 2008



Great job on the Pointcast. Wouldn't worry about talking too much. As long as you're talking about the music, then you're fine. When I was a kid, and used to listen to college radio to LEARN about music, there was nothing worse than listening to some 19 year old dj mumbling and having trouble working the equipment. All I mostly got was half of a song (because they began to skip or break) and really no info on what I was listening to besides artist name and song title. I like stories about the music.

And seeing that this isn't live radio, if people get tired of the talk, then they can just fast forward to the music. Everybody wins.

Here's mine:

Science Fiction – XTC: Totally an underrated band. It certainly didn’t help when Andy Partridge stop performing live shows because of overwhelming stage fright (which caused him to collapse).

Ode To L.A. – Raveonettes: I agree with what you said on the Pointcast about really liking this band but somehow not really knowing anything about them. Sorry Raveonettes, I’ll get on that.

16 Shells From A Thirty-ought – Tom Waits

Roadrunner – Bo Diddley

The More I See – Discharge

Dry - PJ Harvey

Rest Of Our Lives – Mike Ness

Drunken Whistler – Luna

The Beach vs. Sandwiches [A Capella] 2 Many Dj’s: For those who don’t know them, they’re a team of DJs that make fantastic “mash-up” songs.

(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais – The Clash

Tommy Himself

That's a great 10, SO'C... I don't know 2 Many DJs, but the rest? "Sawlid," as they say up in New England.

Thanks for the kudos and the advice to stick to music-talk. I agree. I shall.


Nice first Pointcast. Although I do have to agree with SOC and take issue with your wanting less talk. Anyone can just play songs and make a podcast "all about the music," but you have such an unbelievable collection of personal stories connected to your music... that's what I would tune in to hear.

Also a question: when do you come up with tracks 6-10? Do you try to base it around tracks 1-5 so that there is a theme or a lack of repetition? Or do you plan them ahead of time, tracks 1-5 be damned?

Tommy Himself

Thanks, Brian. I appreciate the thumbs up.

6-10... It's already mostly in my head. I could plan out 40 sets of music in 5 minutes. So the short answer is: I have a good idea of what I want to play well before the I start.

If you're wondering if there will be some Papas Fritas... yes, there will be.

And kudos on this...
I think.

the mrs.

excellent pointcast. somehow all the music "went" together. keep talking.

sorry to say but i didn't like 5'nizza. but i am sure that doesn't surprise you. still, i appreciate hearing new music.

speaking of new music, did you see the nyt article on cocorosie?

Tommy Himself

mrs.: Thank you. And thanks for letting me book the studio time on your AmEx.

In a way, I'd be disappointed if everyone liked every song, so... cool for you re: 5'nizza.

Found the CocoRosie piece online, will read it asap.


That 50 minutes is a highlight of my week. Thank you.

Talking is a major reason why your loyal fans tune in - what you have to say is far more intelligent, intelligible and interesting than most of what's out there.

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