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Friday, 15 August 2008



Ahhh, time for another installment of The Ten.

1) "You Wild Colorado", Johnny Cash. Yikes -- quite a depressing start. Great, great tune. Very mournful. "If I had no love of life, I'd become part of your flow..."

2) "Freedom", Rage Against The Machine. "Solo... I'm a soloist...". Really like this early song from them. Gets me in the mood for The DNC Convention. And the disappointment that will not doubt follow it.

3)"Melt Your Heart", Jenny Lewis. She can, and does.

4) "World Long Gone", Scars on Broadway. I haven't been able to stop listening to this new album from the System of a Down guys. This song in particular fills me with angry melancholy. "Maybe I don't know how many people are starving..."

5) "Blues and The Abstract Truth", Jimmy Smith. King of the smooth organ. Heavy on the Horns, this is a great track.

6) "Speak", Queensryche. Is it silly for me to say that "Operation Mindcrime" is the second greatest concept album ever (after "The Wall"). No, and fuck you for suggesting it.

7) "Pussy", Brazilian Girls. Great lyrics, great groove, catchy as all-get-out.

8) "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk", Rufus Wainright. Love this guy, though this is the only song I have of his.

9) "Blue Jean Blues", ZZ Top. Remember when ZZ Top was just a balls-out power blues band? Neither does anyone else. But they were, and they rocked HARD. This is a killer blues tune, so sweet, so sorrowful. "If I ever get my blues jeans... lord how happy could one man be?"

10)"West of Hollywood", Steely Dan. Another song about no one I'll ever know. Bouncy, interesting, and timelessly Fagan. "I'm way deep into nothing special, riding the crest of a wave breaking just west of Hollywood".

Thank you, Sticking Point!


Don't have a "10" to share today, but felt the urge to post nonetheless. You introduced me to Tungg and Tinariwen a while back, and I've been pretty much obsessed with them since. Thank you. Feels like Dax Riggs is moving into that category too. If any of your readers/listeners are hearing Tungg and Tinariwen for the first time, be prepared. They get even better with multiple listens.

Oh, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing Mr. Cave in person. I'm growing a greasy 'stache of my very own for the occasion.

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