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Friday, 27 March 2009



1. ‘Here She Comes Now’ Galaxie 500
2. ‘Krispy Kreame (Dirty Version)’ Riskay (The Drama Queen) - For those that don’t know, Riskay is one smooth lady and quite a lyricist.
3. ‘I Think I Smell A Rat’The White Stripes
4. ‘Pay To Cum’ Bad Brains
5. ‘Parental Guidance’ Judas Priest
6. ‘Where Did You Sleep Last Night’ Nirvana
7. ‘Jerusalem’ The Knights Of The New Crusade – Awesome and funny rock band that performs in suits of armor.
8. ‘Hold Her Tight’ The Osmonds -Don’t laugh this album RULES! It’s part Sabbath, part funk and a twist of Mormon. Stop laughing!
9. ‘Downer (Live)’ Nirvana
10. ‘New York’ Sex Pistols

(song #1 is a Velvet Underground cover which was also covered by artists from song #6 and #9)


Oh and I forgot to say that I love Screamin' Fist. I put it on my local bar's juke. It's also a song I can't believe people don't cover because it's a ton o fun. That's right Green Day, I'm talking to you.

cmon bro

i'm drinking cement like it's going out of style, style, style

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