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Thursday, 16 April 2009


the mrs.



Hot damn, Tommy. Reading things like this make me so grateful that you have such a photographic memory. Hurry up and write your memoirs already! It'll end up being longer than "Infinite Jest," and probably have more footnotes, but that's fine with me.

I had my first experience at the (new) Yankee Stadium yesterday, and was floored by the great sightlines and standing room sections (which were in full use on such a rainy day). Was sitting in row 2, section 205, directly behind Nick Swisher. He's very quickly growing on me. After Marte took the mound in the 10th and couldn't find the strike zone, the Bleacher Creatures started calling for Swisher to take over as pitcher. Literally Swisher's entire body started shaking with laughter, and he had to cover his face with his glove. Later that inning, when Ramirez got Crosby to 2 strikes with 2 outs, Swisher turned to the crowd and started waving his arms to stir up excitement. And in the 11th, when the Creatures started another roll call, while the rest of the team simply raised an arm in acknowledgment, Swisher faced the bleachers and gave an Army salute. You've got to like a guy so down-to-earth. Let's make the Yankees fun again!

Tommy Himself

Ha! You're very kind, Brian.

I like Swisher, too. But he has to stop (visibly) enjoying it when the fans call for him to pitch. That's bush. Because, right at those moments, there's a teammate on the mound (a real pitcher) who's busting his butt to get outs.


Well done.

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